I have wanted to start my own blog for a long time, as I love to share my experiences. I have finally gathered the courage to embark on this project, partly thanks to friends who encouraged me to do so.

After a long search for names for this blog, I realized it was just in front of me the whole time. A “nickname” of some sorts, or something people just like to say: “Olivia from Bolivia”.

Olivia from Bolivia is a reflection of everything I find interesting and love! This blog is a collection of things that I like, places I recommend, experiences I want to share with everyone else. It is a visual diary of New York as I discover new places and beautiful things on a daily basis. I’ll be documenting my journey each day, each adventure as it comes and captivating imaginations all over the world.

I was born and raised in Bolivia and – lucky me – 3 years ago I moved to one of the best cities in the whole world: New York.  I am still amazed with all the things and experiences that this big city has to offer.

Now I find myself in new adventures .


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