Getaway in the woods

Once in a while you need to get outside of New York, just far enough away to getaway and just close enough to make a quick recharge easy.

So, I organized a “glamping” trip and rented a Tipi in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and right next to a creek. It was very peaceful and a good change of scenery for a night.

The Tipi was planned to perfection, they thought of every single detail and you can even cook inside the tent and have a bonfire.

I rented through Airbnb the Bellfire Tipi  located in Roxbury.

There are several hiking options around the area, but sadly it rained the day we were supposed to go. Hopefully next time we’ll have better luck.

If you end up going to the Bellfire Tipi keep your eyes open because you’ll find lots of farmers market and great antique shops along the road.


Below find some recommendations to stop on your way.

Outdated Cafe

We had late breakfast here.  The name says it all, a vintage coffee place, we’re you can even find antiques to buy. It is located in a beautiful town.


Brunette Wine Bar

The cutest wine bar, stopped there for a quick bite and wine. Explore the area where you have some antique shopping around there.



Peekamoose Restaurant

This rustic restaurant is owned from one of the chefs who worked in Le Bernardin.

One of the best meals I’ve ever had and believe me I’m not exaggerating. The restaurant supports local growers so all ingredients are fresh and local.


Image Source

Phoenicia Diner

This classic diner in the catskills is AMAZING! I couldn’t take pictures of the food because I was very hungry haha. (Story of my life)

Everything that I’ve tasted there is really good and if you are in a hurry they have a outdoor trunk to take food for the road.


Image Source





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