Marrakech -Jemma el- Fnaa Square

The top item in my to-do list in Marrakech was to explore the Souks and discover all there amazing local artisan crafts.

A friend of mine, and the hotel concierge,  recommended a guide who takes you to the main souk – near Jemma El fnna- because the place is huge, scattered, and may feel overwhelming in the beginning.  I highly recommend the same to you, as they may be able to point to out hidden stores outside of the beaten path.

In the souks, it is crucial to bargain.  You need to  negotiate as no one expects you to pay the first price they shout to you.

After a short ride from the hotel the driver dropped us off near the square, where you start seeing snake charmers. I don’t have any pictures as I was too scared to be go near them. I just kept my distance.

After walking through the busy square bustling with life and commerce we entered  the souk. In the beginning you don’t know where to start or where to look.  There are so many things that you just want to buy everything!

The guide took us threw some narrow streets and ended up in hidden stores. After checking out thousands and thousands of rugs I ended up buying one at 50% of the price he told me first.

Make sure you spend time browsing their beautiful lamps, spices, shoes, jewelry and much more.

After the lively souk experience I decided to relax and end my day with a traditional Moroccan Tea at “Dar Cherifa”, very close to Jemma El-fnna .


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