Pit stop in LP

A week ago, I went to La Paz City just for a day. I needed to work on some paperwork but found time to visit some cool places.

Dinner at Gustu

Gustu is one of the 50 best restaurants in South America (currently ranked 17). This restaurant / culinary school was founded by Claus Meyer, co-founder of Copenhagen’s Noma, a three-time winner of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. He started this project to explore Bolivian Cuisine and to put Bolivia gastronomy in the map. Gustu is now a world renowned restaurant that supports the Melting Pot Foundation, a non-profit focused on promoting social and economic development through gastronomy. Meyer states it is not charity, but Gustu’s corporate responsibility project.

The Melting Pot foundation – via their Manqa’a project- recruits low-income students that for an 18-month course. These strudents are enrolled in the culinary school and simultaneously work in Gustu to  explain each plate to patrons.

Not only food at Gustu is delicious, but the drinks with Bolivian flavors and ingredients are amazing too.

Lunch and dinner are a great experience. If you’re not in the mood for dinner, you can head to Gustu Bar in the second level to the bar for drinks and appetizers.

IMG_5480  IMG_5481


La Sagarnaga

One of the most popular streets in La Paz  is “Calle La Sagarnaga”, a prime spot for tourists where you can find souvenir stores, cloth stores, cafes, and hostels.

Situated on Calle Linares between Sagarnaga and Santa Cruz, there is ” Calle de las Brujas”, (the Witches Street),  the part of the city where ancient Aymaran beliefs are still practiced.

In this street, you can find all types of things used in rituals to bring health, love, happiness, and wealth into people’s lives and to manipulate the many spirits that populate the Aymara world.  Some of these items are native herbs, candles, and dried llamas.

IMG_5531  IMG_5528


Antigua Miami

As a coffee lover, a friend recommended this place just few steps from La Iglesia San Francisco. It just opened a month ago.

This little hipster cafe has an  amazing design and atmosphere, the owner is very friendly and willing to provide you tips from the neighborhood.

They not only serve coffee and baked goods, they have an interesting selection of Bolivian craft beers (including one made from Quinua).

IMG_5516  IMG_5511


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