Endless Summer

Summers in New York can get very hot in the city, so it’s nice to go out from this craziness once in a while. Many New Yorkers escape to the Hampton’s.

It takes around 3 hrs to get there by car (depending on traffic) or you can take the train (LIRR). There are amazing houses that you can rent with friends for a perfect weekend getaway or you can check some hotels there too.

This weekend I took the first train to Montauk, a ‘surf town’ located on the very tip of Long Island and enjoy the weekend.

Here are the  MUST-dos:


My stay at Ruschmeyers was just perfect. The moment I got there I was already planning my next visit. This place used to be a summer camp in the 50’s and recently they renovated but maintained the theme: cabin- inspired guestrooms, picnic tables, hammocks, and grills.  They offer yoga classes in the mornings and they have bicycles available to guests, with is the best way to know MTK.

IMG_3309 IMG_3410

IMG_3421 IMG_3398

Navy Beach

An awesome option to eat/drink by the beach. The calamari were the best I’ve ever tried. 


Surf Lodge

This place is my favorite. The attention to all details in this hotel/restaurant/lodge is outstanding.  Food is amazingly good and my favorite drink is the coconut with rum. Enjoy the sunset with live music.

IMG_2227 IMG_2241

IMG_3481 IMG_3565



The perfect beach spot in MTK. If you are not staying at the hotel, you can pay per day to enter the beach club and depending on time and day it goes around 50$ – 100$.

IMG_3318 IMG_3438

Sloppy Tuna

A popular beach front restaurant and nightspot in MTK.


Montauk Brewing Company

You have to try Montauk’s local beer called Montauk. Go to the Brewing showroom and try their 6-beer tasting experience (you get to keep the glass!)


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